Do you want to relocate fully to Canada as a permanent or temporary immigrant? Yes, this package is for you. On-line Dynamics provides appropriates strategies in assisting you to secure your temporary and permanent visa application to Canada. 

Be it you are a federal skilled worker seeking out for greener pasture, self-employed hoping to start up a business in Canada or as a family planning on settling down. We got you covered.

 During this process we will successfully follow every step of your travelling experience from Job recruiting, to Flight and Hotel Booking, and accommodation reservation


Our Visa Processing Initiative on Education proudly offers efficient service in facilitating your student visa application into top leading universities across Africa, Europe, American and Asia for your undergraduates and post graduates programs. 

At On-line Dynamics we take you through the process of career counselling, scholarship information, school admission and visa application, pre-departure briefing, and accommodation. 

Our students have studied in prestigious universities in United States of America, Canada, Ukraine, Cyprus, Belarus, Malaysia, Georgia and South Africa.


On-line Dynamics renders efficient support in processing your temporary visa into Canada, United State of America, United Kingdom, United Emirates Arab, St Lucia, Germany, Russia, and South Africa respectively.

. As a job seeker in pursuits of opportunities abroad, we ensure your visa package comes with work permits. We have listened to the voices on the street concerning human trafficking and fraudulent activities every job seeker has experience so far, we do not engage in such malicious act.

At On-line Dynamics, we promptly offer job recruiting and placement, consular interview advisory, pre-departure briefing and visa counselling for our clients. Our clients do not pay for forms at On-line Dynamics, they pay for our services. This service is suitable for business executives, family visitation, tourism, and job seeker.

The Eastern Europe economy is currently booming and some of the local employers are ready to hire personnel(s) from all around the world.

Online Dynamix helps to secure visa and employment in any of the Eastern Europe countries – Poland, Lithuana, Ukraines, Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic.

Package includes:

  1. Job Offers
  2. Work Permits
  3. Invitation Pakages
  4. Insurance
  5. Travel Itineraries
  6. Hotel Reservations
  7. Legal Support & Advice
  8. Visa Processes
  9. Visa Support


Job search and placement

Advisory services

Assisted collection of documents

Overseas contacts (Tours, business, Work)

Visa counselling

Pre-departure briefings

Career counselling

Scholarship information