Live, work & Study In Canada & Eastern Europe

Our migration, travel and tour products are broadly categorized into three, each starts with the acronym VPI which means “Visa Processing Initiative”.


Do you want to relocate fully to Canada as a permanent or temporary immigrant? Yes, this package is for you. Online Dynamix provides appropriates strategies in assisting you to secure your temporary and permanent visa application to Canada with our VPICANADA Package.

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Expand your coast and live your fantansy as Online Dynamix help you to secure visas for tourism, visitation and business purposes all over the world via our VPIGLOBAL CONNECT Package.
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You can obtain a world class education through any country of your choice for an undergraduate or graduate programme with VPIEDUCATIONAL.

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Online Dynamix also helps to secure visa and employment in any of the Eastern Europe countries – Poland, Lithuana, Ukraines, Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic. This package does not include a language test. Register here.

 During this process we will successfully follow every step of your travelling experience from Job recruiting, to Flight and Hotel Booking, and accommodation reservation.

We provide the following services:

  1. Professional Visa Application
  2. Pre-departure Briefing
  3. Job Search
  4. Assited Collection of Documents
  5. Legal Support & Advice
  6. Insurance
  7. Admission & Scholarship Information
  8. Overseas Contacts
  9. Visa Counselling
  10. Invitation Packages
  11. Airport Protocol

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