VPI is an acronym for Visa Processing Initiative, an exclusive product –service of On-Line Dynamics Business Concept Limited.

Yes, On-Line Dynamics Business Concept Limited is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission with the registration number RC 750201

Our migration, travel and tour products are broadly categorized into three, each starting with the acronym VPI i.e.

VPICANADA – permanent Residence visa Process to Canada.

VPIEDUCATIONAL – Facilitation and Processing of Admissions and Study Permits for Undergraduate and Post-Graduate Applicants in Countries across Africa, Europe, Americas and Asia.

VPIGLOBAL CONNECT – Processing of Temporary Residence Permits, Transit Visas, Tourist Visas, Business and Work Permits in Various Countries across The Globe.

Yes, we promise only what we can deliver. We work with you to achieve the best possible result for you.

The cost of any of our product-services vary according to the specific requirements of each country, the peculiarities of the visa class, the admission or job requirements and more importantly, your personal information. Simply put, it is not one-size-fits-all cost. Moreover, at . Dynamics Limited, our professional charges are flexible and negotiable.

Take the first step by registering for the product-service of your choice. When you register for any of our products: VPICANADA, VPIEDUCATIONAL and VPIGLOBALCONNECT, you get a registration package with the appropriate detailed and specific information concerning forms for data collection and information gathering; for VPICANADA, you have the assessment form with your spouse (if applicable) and submit back to any of our offices. For the VPIGLOBALCONNECT, there is attached an application form to be filled by you. VPIEDUCATIONAL has the registration form. fill these forms, submit back to any of our offices with your call back number, we will continue the process, assign you a case officer and get back to you within the shortest time possible, usually four (4) weeks.

Our clients do not pay for forms. What you pay for is our services, not forms. The forms are essentially designed to make our services simple and create a system directed at the optimal delivery of our business promises. We are result-driven and success-oriented. We adhere strictly to the “global best practice” standard.

Our charges are not too high. The charges are stipulated with adequate and professional consideration for the business process input and prevailing National Economic Indices. OUR PROFIT IS YOUR SUCCESS. At On-Line Dynamics Limited, our charges are negotiable and the payments flexible. You are the most important consideration in our business scheme. 

VPI PRODUCT-SERVICES ARE OPERATIONALLY GUARANTEED. We ensure the success of your travel and migration plans thourgh best practices. However, we do not advise you to resign your appointment or sell off your properties unless you have confirmed your visa, air-ticket and final travel itinerary. Also, On-Line Dynamics Limited will not be responsible for the sources of the fund you commit to your travel plan through VPI.

On-Line Dynamics is a one-stop migrations, travels and tour solution company. You can book air-tickets for next journey.

You will be provided with a registration package. Follow the instructions and submit the corresponding from to any of our offices. We review your information and get back to you within a stipulated time of 4-weeks.

The time required to process each of the product-services differ from product-to-product, from country-to-country and from individual-to-individual. One of the most important variables in determining the time it may take for the process is your information. Through the information you make available for us, we are able to ascertain how much work is required of us to complete the process. Please note that we understand your desire to secure your travel and migration permits within the shortest time possible, and we are committed and capable to deliver your interest.

Payment for our services is done before you travel. When you travel to your country of interest to work or do business, whatever income you get belongs to you 100%, we do not share from your profit or take commission on the salary you earn in your country of destination.

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