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About Us

On-line Dynamics Ltd is a full-service travel agency that provides visa processing solution for temporary and permanent immigrant, students and business personnel across Nigeria. Our company was established in 2007 as a private firm and has quickly grown to become a leading travel agency in Nigeria and a major player in the international travel and tour sector in Africa. On-line Dynamics is fully registered with National Association of Nigeria Travel Agencies NANTA, pioneer President of Association of Professional Visa Consultant and member of Association of Travel Agency Western Zone. On-line Dynamics is located in three states in Nigeria, namely Lagos, Oyo and Osun.

Our company is manned with experienced knowledgeable, and highly qualified team based on considerable experiences combined with goal driven enthusiasm and tactical strategies on visa processing initiative relating to visa application, flight and hotel booking, accommodation, consular interview preparation, job search, visa and career counselling, work permit application to mention a few which our clients faces on the global market. 

Our stringent regulatory compliance to governing policy across international embassy on visa application has granted us exceptional result on obtaining visa for vast numbers of clients worldwide at no stress.   To continue offering our reputable clients across Nigeria and above best quality service. We exceed our client’s expectation through service delivery, intimate customer relationship and strict adherent to global best practices.

On-line Dynamics sustainability and practices are directly linked to its employees believe in fundamental corporate values to satisfy our clients in passion, transparency, integrity, innovative technology, and superior quality. You shouldn’t be left out. Join the wise now.


The challenges menacing visa application in countries like United State of America, United Kingdom, Canada, Switzerland, Russia to mention a few becomes tiresome after a while due to poor quality service standards, and fraudulent activities; that comes with form and all sort of ridiculous fee in the name of registration.  I can tell you more than 40% of Nigerian immigrant have experienced these unscrupulous activities in one event or the other.

On-line Dynamics was founded in order to bring your travel and migration dream to reality, ensuring satisfaction and comfort through best practices. To meet our vision, we understand your plights in making travelling and migration decision that is why On-line Dynamics is committed to provide high – level quality services regarding visa initiative processing. We want to exceed all business client’s goals and objectives, strive for efficiency, integrity and value in all that we do and provide affordable, convenient payment plan for our services.

Company Mission

Our sole mission at on-line dynamics is to  bring your travel and migration dreams to reality, ensuring satisfaction and comfort through best practices.

Why Choose Us

Since 2001, we have assisted a lot of Nigerian to achieve their travel and migration dreams.

We have matured with over a decade industry experience, a towering goodwill and strict compliance to our cardinal principle of: